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How To Rise & Thrive 
In the Emerging Paradigm
Are you ready To Discover just how supported you truly are?
Become fully clear and empowered now and always.
Together in these 7 weeks you are called to deep alignment and activation to:
  • Rise to meet the new paradigm and any future challenge you face.
  • ​Take back and connect deeply with your personal power.
  • ​Awaken to YOUR personal ideal of success versus the conditioned idea of what success is “supposed” to look like.
  • ​Reinvent and rebuild your life and business with greater ease.
  • ​Release the past, freely letting go of what is no longer serving you.
  • ​Be powerfully and relentlessly your true-self now more than ever.
  • ​Learn to have the greatest confidence even in the most uncertain times.

If you are ...

  • ​​Feeling overwhelmed. It feels like there is more to do and not enough day and with all the current events you're even MORE distracted and able to get tracktion. 
  • Having more trouble sleeping at night. You find yourself tossing and turning and too often, grinding your teeth, staring at the ceiling waking not fully rested.
  • Lacking clarity and over analyzing decisions. Spinning in circles in your head scared to make the wrong decision or another costly mistake.
  • ​What WAS working isn’t working anymore no matter how you try or how much you "Hustle". Maybe you're tired of the "Hustle".
  • ​Stressed-out by relationships in the home which have become increasingly more strained and challenging.
Move beyond those experiences with the profound teachings in this Master Course.
Along with the raw and real conversations with 7 other incredible Light Leaders, practice breathwork, guided meditations, body movements, mental and emotional tools for powerful release of trauma and old patterns, to become your greatest self.
In difficult times there are always those who sink or swim, and yet there also those who FLY!

Now is the perfect time, not only to learn how to manage what you feel and be with what you feel, it’s also the perfect time to clear it and heal.

Now is the perfect time for You to RISE and learn how to thrive in this new emerging paradigm because that's exactly what has been occurring even before all of this current chaos. the world ...was changing... in fact it’s CHANGED.

And you can’t take your old self with you into your NEW LIFE!

If you keep operating the way that we used to operate then you will keep getting what you’ve got.

And now isn't the time for the same old same, that shit just won’t work!

What will work, now more than ever is your truest self. Your most ALIVE and AUTHENTIC SELF. The interdependent, fully expressed, clear and empowered SELF!

This a FOR YOU if You don't want to just be “fine” or feel “OK” you wanna be GREAT! You want to Feel Amazing, better than ever, ready for all that comes, centered and at peace.

Program Begins September 21st (doors close September 19th at 11pm cst)


7 powerful trainings

to get the clarity you need and awaken your personal success. The same old thinking, the same way of managing your emotions, the same way of facing your challenges or creating your life won’t be welcome in the new paradigm. It just won’t get you far. (not that it ever “Really” did)
  • Week 1 - The Frame: setting the stage and foundation for the new world and YOUR ultimate freedom and success in it! When you change the way you look at the world, the world you look at changes.
  • Week 2 - Omni Vision: sense, see, feel, and go beyond the surface to stop the resistance in your life so it doesn’t keep stopping you.
  • Week 3 - Ignite the Body: to wake up your abundance and power.
  • Week 4 - The Two Rules: Power principles to leverage your energy and time and magnify the effectiveness of everything you do! Accomplishing more with ease & grace.
  • Week 5 - The ART of Creation: unlocking play, creativity and freeing your authentic self-expression.
  • ​Week 6 - Clarity is Power: sharpen your intuitive gifts and ignite your inner guidance.
  • ​Week 7 - Aligning to Your New Timeline: facts and falses of frequency to LIVE the embodiment of your ultimate life.

7 Epic conversations

With incredible and inspiring light leaders sharing the wisdom that has transformed their lives and business keeping them THRIVING no matter what is happening in the external world! These are raw and real talks!
You’ll be able to ask anything at any time. And specifically on these lives I’ll stay on as long as needed to reply to everyone. Along with personal live coaching hot seats with YOU the members in the program! During each Q&A session I’ll bring one or two people on with me and coach them live so everyone gets to benefit from both the answers I offer and also the process itself. After years of facilitating mastermind groups these are always powerful experiences and even if you’re not the one in the seat, the issues we face are universal and will benefit the whole group.

7 Deep Live Q&A's

Real Transformations, 
Real Testimony
"Dallas was able to help me form a clear vision for business, as well as develop a viable pathway to getting there. Most importantly, Dallas helped me achieve deep levels of confidence in my path as an entrepreneur, my present ability to serve clients, and my power to realize that vision we co-created. 

Within a few months of working with Dallas, I achieved tangible financial return that far exceed my investment in coaching. The value of learning and breakthroughs achieved have and will continue to pay dividends toward my success and power to achieve ANY goal I focus on. For passionate entrepreneurs looking to establish massive confidence in themselves, their business, and take the next leap towards accomplishing their vision – I highly recommend working with Dallas." - Matt H.

"I'm so glad I joined the Rise and Thrive 7 week program. They say nothing is a coincidence in life and I'm a firm believer because Dallas is truly an Angel on Earth brought to mine. The weekly trainings he gave provided so much information that it almost felt like they were made just for me! Dallas is truly talented in the ability to break down the most complicated of topics in such a way that anyone could understand. I still can't believe the amount of transformation I went through in only 7 weeks! I learned so much about myself, about what was holding me back, and what I needed to do to make those changes. Dallas is so supportive, knowledgeable and understanding. He and the group helped me break down my walls, work thru my fears, create necessary boundaries I wasn't even aware I needed and taught me to truly believe in myself. With the support of the weekly Q&As group, they helped me let go of my insecurities and learn self love again. Dallas and the group created such a safe and non-judgemental space, I felt so comfortable speaking about even the most personal of things in my life. I will forever be grateful to Dallas and my Rise and Thrive Family! This has been nothing short of a life-changing experience that I would recommend anyone to join! You won't be disappointed!"
- Jamie C.

"Rise + Thrive in the New Emerging Paradigm was a masterpiece of a program. It was a beautiful compliment to my weekly on-on-one coaching sessions and the Ignite Purpose program, offering additional perspective to Dallas's core teachings through both video workshops and interviews with powerful and love-driven light leaders of many styles and gifts. In addition, Dallas beautifully holds space for coaching, community, learning, love and laughs through the weekly group Q&A. By the end of the 7 weeks, I felt truly connected to a huge, love-infused family, which was an unexpected gift! Thank you, Dallas, for creating this space for us to transcend survival, and to rise and thrive in the challenges ahead. " - Stacy R.
Your Questions Answered
What if I can't attend all sessions?
You can ask questions in the group at any time, everyday if you like and all sessions are recorded.
How do I know if this is for me?
Do you FEEL like it is? Have you read this far? Do you think you’ll get even one benefit that will improve your current situation? If you answered yes to any of these questions … IT’s FOR YOU :) There are no coincidences. You’re here reading this for a reason.
Do I have to have a business or be an entrepreneur to benefit from this Master Course?
No. A lot of my work is geared towards entrepreneurship yet, this course is life changing for anyone. You just need to be READY to be a LEADER in your life! 
Will this program help me get RICH?
YES! Rich in love, Rich in spirit, Rich in creativity, Rich in personal power, Rich in wisdom, Rich in emotional freedom, Rich in courage and what YOU do with ALL THAT is up to you! ;) It has certainly led clients to experiencing more financial abundance! 

Program Begins September 21st (doors close September 19th at 11pm cst)

Dallas Michael Cyr founder of IGNITE PURPOSE COACHING is a Master Life Guide and Conscious Business Mentor,  as well as an inspirational Speaker and Spoken word artist.
As a top transformational coach for driven people he works with those needing clarity and support to ignite or reignite their lives or business and reclaim their power.
Creator of programs Igniting Your Purpose and SPEAK | EXPRESS | IMPACT Dallas has successfully built 3 businesses and for the last ten years has been guiding his clients to permanently eliminate negative patterns, heal broken relationships, to passionately IGNITE missions, messages, visions, businesses, and lives.
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